TURBORENDER / 800 CPUs in your computer

24/7 remote rendering internet service.

  • 10 nodes with 2xTesla K80 / 4xTesla K40
  • Full access via TeamViewer
  • Octane standalone + Octane plugins
  • Contact us in live chat for more details
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installed software
  • 3DMax
  • Maya
  • Cinema 4D
  • Softimage
  • Blender
  • After Effects
  • V-Ray
  • Corona Render
  • Mental-Ray
  • Arnold Render
  • MultiScatter
  • ColorCorrect
  • Realflow
  • Saveepix
  • Houdini Forest Pack
We can install any desired plug-in,just leave your request here:
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TurboRender is:
  • 1
    400 servers of 15984 GHz.
    CIS TOP50 Supercomputer #4 and many more at Your request
  • 2
    Render-farm fully available 24/7/365
  • 3
    Free pre-render to estimate the cost
  • 4
    Extensive list of available software; subject to customization
  • 5
    Transparent accounting. No hidden fees. Detailed reports on actions and invoices generated by the system by the end of each month
  • 6
    LIVE Technical Support
    from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM UTC+3

    via email, Skype and Live-Chat
  • 7
    FTP access allowing data uploading
    even when internet drops
  • 8
    Rendering results sent via email
    as a web-link without authentication.
    You may check it from any device!
  • 9
    UP TO 50%
  • 10
    Affiliate bonus program. Earn with us!

Render video in Autodesk Maya 2015.


Screensaver Zinc smelter, for the arena Tractor. Chelyabinsk. 1280x720; 2:00. 16 min., 22 USD.

Resolution: 1080х1080

Number of frames: 1750

Used servers: 100

Format: FullDome

Resolution: 1920x1080; Rendertime: 8 min.; Cost: 3,7 usd.

Resolution: 1920х1080

Frames: 1

Used servers: 13

Render time: 8 min. 00 sec.

i7 render time: 3 h. 7 min.

Cost: USD 2.087

BASIC calculation, subject to individual changes :

  • USD 0.025/GHzh, EUR 0.02/GHzh - MID-PRIORITY, for everyone
Contact us for individual conditions:

Phone number: +7 (499)-322-07-42
E-mail: support@turborender.com
Skype: turborender.com
Rent cost calculation


Rent time calculation

The number of servers cannot exceed number of frames.
Specify type of your processor: Clock frequency (GHz):  CPU:
Approximate time for a frame:
Total number of frames:



  Processing, ONE FRAME:  GHzh  
  Processing, WHOLE PROJECT:  GHzh  
  Your computer, rendering time:  h  
  Rendering time, ONE TurboRender server:  h  
  Rendering time on servers of TurboRender:  h  

  Amount: RUB USD EUR
  • Each month You get 3% of previous month’s invoice back onto your account!
sign up—it's free

Sign up and get 15$/10€ signup bonus.

By signing up, you agree to our Terms of Service.


Production studio

сайт:   http://www.artrenderstudio.ru/

Excellent work with the render workflow and good customer service, thank you very much.

Sergo Ovchinnikov

CG Artist

site:   http://vk.com/id6492123

I worked with the company since the beginning, even before the official launch. First, I rendered just for myself, then helped to hone the process. We're good friends with the team, sharing a lot - we rendered company's first ever live scene on the supercomputer. That was something! The supercomputer renders faster than a spacerocket! And even faster than that when you've got all the nodes for yourself and there's no queue. Now I use the web interface, which is pretty comfortable - the team is listening to your comments, they really do and they do and they DO customize t your needs. I wish you all a pleasant and efficient experience with this render farm!
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Non-cash payments through the bank WebMoney VISA Mastercard

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Payment System PayPal